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Login on PC issues


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I've put it here in hope more will see this and have a solution.  Yes I've opened a ticket and sadly no response yet.  I have a few accounts with ncsoft in preparation for the upcoming classic launch. 


None can be logged into through my PC.  I get the "something is wrong on our end BS".  Now this account in was able to create and log into here through my phone.  But I can't log in to my main account through my phone, same error.


I've changed the time zone settings (a youtube video suggests this).  I've cleared the cache, another suggestion. For 2 days now I e been trying to find a solution to this.  Has anyone had this issue and can you please help.  Or point me in a direction that will help.



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I'm having the same issues on the website. I can log in completely fine to the game client and play on each of my accounts. I CANT however log any of them into the website on either my Desktop or Laptop. 

I've tried everything I could possibly think of and have also submitted a ticket (Hope for a reply on Monday). 

If anyone else knows what causes this or proven ways to fix it, I'm all ears. Otherwise I'll wait for the powers that be to give a hand.

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Thank you for those that read this and replied to try help.  So Dorren I'm still not sure what I did to get flagged.  My only guess is creating multiple accounts from the same IP, might trigger some type of RED FLAG On NCsofts end.  What you have to do is Email Support@Lineage2.com and explain what EMails/accounts are linked to you and why you created those accounts (IE: preparation for the new classic server)  and they will unlock them for you.


They got back to me this morning and unlocked all mine today.  Hopefully, that helps.  It did take a few days for them to get around to my issue, but It is all fixed now.  I tried everything on the internet as well, clearing my cache, going incognito, the time zone thing.  Nothing worked.  They had to unlock me on their end.  


Hope that helps, 

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