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TheCrazyOnes - Giran


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Who are we?

We are called 0AHKsId.jpgThe Crazy Ones. We are an L2Sublimity/L2Gold clan.

ObikanObi is the clan leader of TCO (ObikanObi at forums)

Some info about your clanleader and subleaders:

We are all over age 20, some of us work, study, got kids or own  Companys, and wow some got a gf but we still got some time for Lineage 2! 



We are looking for new clan members that would like to form a new side together with us.



Who are we looking for?

We do expect normal activity from You! If you have a wife, girlfriend, work or so we understand it all. We are not here to demand from You to trash it all for an MMO Game but if you like spending some free time at Sublimity/L2Gold/l2Classic, do it with us!

We do use Discord to communicate and its mandatory to have it on your HDD. We do not demand 24/7 activity there but in case of PvP, Sieges or any other Parties that involve one of the Subleaders it is mandatory to listen what we want to say.


We do not require You to write and talk like one of the native speakers but You must be able to understand what is going on at Discord or Clan chat. Our clan is based on EU members, therfore we are most active at European peak times. But we are also looking for CP`s from other parts of the world. ( when that day come )


Why us?

Becouse we are old clan with high aspirations. Our atmosphere is friendly and healthy. We do not kick people that miss Sieges or Epics and do not feel like the masters of the world after PvP that we won. We respect everybody and do it all for pure fun.

We are planing on comming with 14 people from old TCO, and we would love to mix old with new!

So chose us if you got a life and your looking for a clan you can have fun with!

Our plans?

We mainly seek PvP and Epics/siege/FARMSPOTS are the best way to get it, so You can expect us to attend all of them if its possible and fits our time zone. We will help all with items, and that means everyone will help everyone! Thats one of the few rules we got!  And the one who help the clan gets a kiss from ObikanObi FIRST! 


As for now, its all from us. Hope to hear from You guys soon!


Contact details:

- ObikanObi  














Good Luck guys


Best Regards



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I will do a new BUMP.

We are looking for:
The class you like best to play! We just want u to be happy!

But we rly need ^^:


OFC we need DDs, everything from orc`s to nerds^^ 

If ur a crafer we got a room for u! the clan will be lvl 1 to day, in 2-3days its lvl 2 then as fast we can we will have a lvl 3 clan :)

Few of our main team quitted cuz it was "to"hard to farm here, but then we just change our aim for new people who love a challange xD


best regard


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