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  1. CASH GRAB, I feel stupid to have spent money on here but I do love Lineage 2 dearly
  2. it sucks dont it, anything going to get done, no. shame it is great game this is
  3. I'm with you ya man, and even the website and forums were better then
  4. came back hoping i'd be fixxed nope, looks like its go buy gold to achieve any success in this crappola
  5. was in Cruma and yeah lag up the wazoo in aden dungeon now and not bad there
  6. sounds like some money hungry people are running this server and doing everything they can to make you p2w
  7. its a shame cant dwell on the past old l2 was a thing of the past im a solo player with SE man its hard
  8. ogfullmelt


    same whats the solution peeps
  9. took some time off whats going on still worth it, or just got worse >.> <.<
  10. man i could have bought weed with the money spent on this shizzle
  11. so i wasn't trippen earlier. i thought exp seem lower(back to normal)
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