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Error + Error +Error... Anyone from tech working there???

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Is there any chance to purchase the chronicle pack?

When I try to login i get this error:


If I am lucky and I pass this one, I get second error:

v2y9sy.jpg or 2vlob9d.jpg

If I am lucky again and I want to purchase the pack, I get this one and I can't do anything anymore:

66c7z6.jpg This one I got it all weekend but I couldn't post because forum didn't let me and didn't know about trick to "defreeze" forum account till 1 hour ago. Any real solution guys? Tomorrow is server start and today promotion ends. @Juji or @Hime can you ask techs pls?

LE.: I forgot to tell that i tried on multiple pc's and 2 different phones with different internet connections so,  please come with a proper solution.

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