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Daggers new Plvl King?


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I'm lurking around again at the moment seeing what's new and updating my toons. I switched my Healers Dual from Wynn to Stormscreamer and I've also got a geared out Eviscerator I used to level with who has a spoiler dual.

I've seen a few videos about of people levelling with daggers in the new areas, is this the way to go, or would eviscerator still be better?

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evi / tyrants / titans are still fine but with the latest p2w gear update aka pve cloaks daggers got a huge boost when combined with red cats eye brooch jewels so in a nutshell it's the same old case of how much gear will you throw at it to make it good as with average gear no dagger ain't even close to an evi but with $$$ yes it will be better..

welcome back old friend even if it's just for lurking ;)

ps, I personally think the same gear put on titan/tyrant is better as those are more versatile aka can better lure/tank mobs at the same time but daggers are crazy peak dps on right type of mobs atm

pps, if you're really thinking of coming back you need to read up on +15 cloaks Elmore & Aden and their best augment combo's asap before that l2store promo ends

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