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Dagger classes


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5 minutes ago, Mystogan said:

Hi guys can somebody tell me how well dagger classes will perform after hearing about the patch? i really want to be a TH but not to sure whether they will be good in pvp or pve

Seems they will be quite fine actually...we'll get shadow step and hide at levels 50-51...shadow step stuns and hide will already get the 0% penalty on speed. 
I'd like to know if skill power is already increased as well...but anyway.
Dagger will do fine in small scale pvp like 1v1 or 9v9...will probably struggle in mass PVPs or sieges...but once the "walls" crush you are quite much free to do what you want. You can always relay on a bow to hit from distance, in the worst case. 
I'm still unsure myself what i should do. I'd like to go for GH but even TH is quite good in classic patch. Also PR wont be bad. 

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