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What is the best feoh in Salvation?


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1 hour ago, Seneca said:

Which one does best in pvp? Which one does best in pve? Which one can handle both? I am asking this because all feohs have echo now and I am not sure how that changes things.

For both purposes, storm screamer is a really good class.

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Archmage has 1 extra AOE and is very versatile due to different elemental stances with different effects and different debuffs. Also his ignite DOT is just very handy in PVP if you have a little Topaz.

I never played SoulHound but it should still be the best in single/small PVPs as it's designed as PVP Feoh.

Mystic Muse also interesting again as it got EmpEcho too now (as all Feohs), his AOE Stun got upped from 3 to 5 sec and he has fastest skill reuse, also it is a very underplayed & rare class (if you care for Oly).

If you play in a CP with good tank/heals, Necro probably best choice cos it will be hard to kill with transfer pain and you'll not have mana problems.

Choose by your liking, I think all of them are fun to play at this time :)




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