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It is possible to apply for an Transfer to the ADEN with L-PACK


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@Juji I have a more specific question, is it possible to request a rollback of the early packs to "not opened" and all the NCoins spent after the launch to be able to re-roll and start again on the new Aden server?

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1 hour ago, Rayduxz said:

@Juji  Eu tenho uma pergunta mais específica, é possível solicitar uma reversão dos primeiros pacotes para "não aberto" e todos os NCoins gastos após o lançamento para poder re-roll e começar de novo no novo servidor Aden?

@Hime @Juji

I want to recover all the ncoin I spent in Talking Island and go to ADen, is it possible ???? plz man!!!!!

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