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Some bugs that has to be fixed, HIME JUJI READ PLEASE!


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Hello, first of all thank you for acting fast on Spiritshot issue but for the future of the server that ain't enough.

1. Adena/Drops has big issues. Adena drop is so low that people wont be able to play accordingly since XP is not as bad as the adena in server.

Other problem with XP/Drop/Adena is that Tumran Bugbear gives 1100 XP but a stronger mob Dire Wolf/Monster Eye Searcher gives just 200-300 XP. There are tons of XP/Drop/Adena issues on each different mobs. Please make it your top priority and fix these all not later than next maintenance. These issues are game breaking things and should be addressed ASAP. Like Dion Grizzle gives 87 XP and 95 adena. Literally unplayable man, we wont be able to afford ANYTHING when you also include teleportation cost after level 40. 

People cant even afford shots when there is no TP and other cost at early game. I dont even mention progressing on gear which seems seriously impossible to me and many others at the moment.

Take it or not, unless you fix these issues fast you wont see your classic server live long.


To those who interest;
@Hime @Juji

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