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3 boxes are too much

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for one i think that 3 boxes per machine are absurd! best and classic move would be 1 box  as it used to be

-if the server supports cca. 6k people and most of them exploit the so manny boxes you have around 2k active players

-if u wanna play a buffer class as main or crafter better just forget about it cuz there will be cca. 2k guys with both

-taking up so manny server slots we now have log in problems just cause of boxes witch are basicly npc eather follow the main or sit in town

-so inviting for 3.rd party softvare


just something to think about....

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I could not agreed more, i would prefer 1 acc per pc and the game would be more enjoyable, this is absurd, 3 game per pc and cap of 5.800 players online, is like most of them are afk or box, is not the feeling from old l2...

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