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English Speaking Players NA/Aus Unclanned, TI server READ


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For any of you that are old L2 Players (not private) you understand the value of finding and building with a solid core of players.  Clans are limited in our recruitment early stages and the penalties for kicking make it critical that clans recruit the RIGHT players the first go around! 

LvL 0:  10 members

LvL 1: 15 members (Takes 150,000 Adena to get)

LvL 2: 20 Members (Takes 300,000 Adena to get)


and so on...

WarriorPoets has been around since L2 Prelude in most major MMO's and returned for this amazing classic reboot.  Sadly most in our community have no clue how incredible this game really is and are too soft to handle the grind anyways :D.  We have a solid 12-15 members right now clan lvl 1 pushing hard for 2.  All 20-30 (boxes as well, a Separate clan for boxes).  But with the importance of finding like-minded players, I've started this post. 

Most of us are NA based, we are pushing hard most days.   But want to start building out a list of said like-minded players,  Voice comms are a must, and would like to have those we can't get in yet till we level the clan to join comms, level with us and get to know the group.  We will get you in as soon as we get the clan levels. Clans are the backbone of L2 and finding the right players, with a solid Clan/Guild First mentality is crucial.  PM me on these boards Apply in the game at WarriorPoets, through the Clan Entry section of your clan tab and please most important.  Jump on in our Discord.  An active Voice Comms is critical to success!!  

https://discord.gg/5E79rhG (come and get to know the team, prior to joining)

I've already got a recruitment thread up But wanted this here to drive the point home of who we are looking for.  All too often recruitment threads get lost in the noise of the 100 others.

Check out some history PvP vids here if you like:


Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting all,  I hope to hear from a few of you!

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We have seen a huge amount of interest, more than we expected.  I didn't know there were this many awesome English speaking players on TI server!!  So thank you to all those jumping in Discord!  We welcome all those that bring a positive attitude and a CLAN FIRST mentality.  

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