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Lv up and clan points


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I miss miss the clan points that gives a member upon leveling up. It kind of felt like something "special" like... "Hey! I progressed because I eveled up, and I also helped my clan!". I don't know... Maybe you can put that feature back?

Of course, now red libra is up and everybody lvls like crazy, but when event will go in 2 days you could enable it back, no?

Also, it would give a point to lv up academy characters as you didn't put the feature of the lv 85 15 minute quest. At the moment, clans barely recruit newcomers lv 85- because 1-they think they are boxes. 2- Why should they waste the spot of a highter lv char that gives clan points after completing clan quests lv 85+?

The clan quests are an interesting feature, but the clan points given upon leveling was also cool



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