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I ask for the return of my money


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Three days ago I try to enter the server talking and automatically disconnects me when it finishes passing the queue of 600 players. This happens every time I try to access the server.
I have donated to be able to be VIP and skip the queue but it directly kicks me and does not allow me to enter to place vip.
I have the coins in the Lineage 2 page but I do not intend to play a server with so many problems so please ask for the money back or I will have to ignore the purchase directly with my bank.
completely disappointed in this server. bye

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It shows that you did not understand. It does not allow to enter the server because it disconnects me, when I want to create a character I automatically disconnect. I can not play because it does not let me create a character. When I can not create a character I can not use the coins, that's why I want my money. And please abstain ignorant people to answer my post, I just want a response from an admin.


Se nota que no entendiste. No deja ingresar al servidor porque me desconecta, cuando quiero crearme un personaje automaticamente me desconecta. No puedo jugar porque no me deja crear un personaje. Al no poder crearme un personaje no puedo utilizar las coin, es por eso que quiero mi dinero. Y porfavor abstenerse gente ignorante a responder mi post, solo quiero una respuesta de un admin.

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This happens with the server Talking and Giran. I disconnect directly from the game when the wait of 600 players ends. And I did not create a character that disconnects me.
I'm trying to create it and I already have several days and it keeps disconnecting me


Esto me sucede con el servidor Talking y Giran. Me desconecta directamente del juego cuando finalice la espera de 600 jugadores. Y no llego a crearme un personaje que me desconecta.
Estoy intentando crearlo y ya tengo varios dias y me sigue desconectando

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You won't get a response here, and I doubt that NCsoft itself will respond with a refund. If you truly intend to quit and want your money back, you'll have to take it up with your bank. Though, if NCsoft wanted too, they could refuse since you have access to your Ncoin and other servers to play on (there isn't just one server, so..). Your bank/credit card should be able to do a chargeback.

Edit: Or you could just chill out and see if a fix happens.

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