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Bought Ncoins but struggling in the store


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Hi people 

I bought some ncoins today but there are things i don't understand it since i'm new in this game.

1: There is a gift button next to purchasing and when clicking on, it asks me to insert a name + message content

could you explain what is this please?

2: There some items i heard that you can only get it from L2 store like brooch and its stones like ruby+turtle.

where can i find them? i searched the whole store today and didn't find it.

3: How can I sell Ncoins? i see some players saying WTB NCOINS. and how much is 1 coin?

Thanks in advance for your help  

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  1. With the gift button you can buy something from the store and send it to someone else (that's why you need to write the name of the recipient and some message)
  2. Those items are not in the store all the time. They appear during a certain L2 Store Promotion.
  3. No idea.
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