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How to stack pvp/damage reduction items


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Does this still apply, these values? What has changed, no longer exists or has been added?

  • Set +10: Fixed Damage Resistance +10%
  • Belt(special pvp, rulers,cheaf,) Received PVP Damage - 7%
  • Talisman - Insanity Fixed Damage Resistance +10%
  • Talisman - Seven Signs all weapon resistance increases by 3%
  • Talisman - Abundance Received P. Critical Damage - 15%, PVP Damage - 15% when equipped
  • Diamond lvl 5 Incoming Physical Critical Damage decreases by 5%
  • Obsidian lvl 5 Incoming PvP damage decreases by 15%
  • Mysterious Slaughter Dye Received Damage from PCs - 2% for lvl 1
  • Class mastery
  • pasive augument PvP Damage Decrease Decreases received PvP Damage by 10% when equipped
  • 3 rd sa siegel -5% pvp damage
  • castle cloak -5% pvp dmg
  • tauti ring -5% pvp dmg
  • Full dark set = -20% PvP damages

Reduction of almost 100%, however should have a limiter in addition to the inverse that add PvP damage.

do you know more?

Source: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=292611

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From what I know there is no limit in reduction...At some point Mysterious Slaughter Dye had more reduction and ppl were able to stack 99%-100% at full boost. I dont thing situation is different in our days...thats why during siege any attempt to hit a staked ppl will conclude with max 300-400 value damage.

An example: A staked yull is able to land something like 2 mil crit damage on a non pvp staked toon, if you put all pvp item on that non staked toon then he will receive 20 000 value crit damage per hit and 3-5000 on regular.

Be advice, pvp in our days is for 105 staked toons....if you are not there then you are fresh meat for their amusement :)(i know, I know...many brave wariors will tell you its important to compete and no balls to pvp and bla bla bla...reality is they dont like to pvp equal to equal, they just like to bully low rank players).

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