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Daggers weak in classic?


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1 hour ago, Alexx said:

Why or why not? Also is lethal/half strike (0 hp or cp) in this patch?

HAH i wish they give us back those full lethals! Now that would be 'classic' ;) But no, we only have the half kill. I think...?
About daggers being weak or not...well...MEH.
Daggers potential is yet to come...'cause daggers will be insane after 3rd class 'cause you'll get Focus buff and Lethal Blow. Also, for now, you get no runes for critical damage on weapons. If you think of a dagger who caps at level 70...it may be...good but not sooo good. We got Hide and Shadow step (stuns for 2 secs so it's really good) but they're both 50+...also switch or trick (depending on what you do...TH or PW or AW) are over 43...Sooo...they can be good actually, but you need to set them up and be skilled. After 3rd class daggers will rule :D

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