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AFK characters every day


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[edited to remove names]                        <<<< ------ EL LINK PARA VER LA FOTO      Location   Ruin of despair

                                                these characters in the photo are always in the same place, without moving or doing anything, 
                                                           several days ago I see them the same, please do something with these AFK characters, 
                                                                                   he only thing they achieve is to SATURATE THE SERVER,


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This topic is already being discussed in many threads, like this one: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6492-l2-classic-na-adem-report-bots/

Please feel free to carry on your conversation there.

The above posts have been edited to remove any names, as these reports can not be looked into on the forum. Please submit the screenshots via ticket to our Support team for investigation. Thank you!

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