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Well, after everything that is happening to the forums, (deleting legitime threads, ban the users that create those) and what is happening to the game (the latest event, deleted items, etc...) we now have to endure the most unbelievable support system i EVER encountered. I don't know if they are actually trolling us to avoid actually give restitution or fix the issue or if they are that incompetent.


I' not going to publish the message exchange as it is too embarrassing and i don't think this is the correct place to put it but please check the Request  #16759620 and tell me if the replys i'm getting from your NCSoft support are normal. I know my english isn't perfect, it's not my native language, but i think i was very clear on what the issue was.

I honestly don't know what's going on, i have been playing this game here since it went free to play (6 years now?) and in all those years i NEVER seen the L2 services going that low on quality. Yes we had GM's deleting posts and thread in the past, but usually they had some good excuse to do it. Yes we had some really bad gm's in the past replying to our tickets, but usually at the second answer we would get someone with basic game knowledge that would put it on good track. But this? 3 replies from different GM's, and all of them with completely unrelated replies?

Please do answer to this because this is too serious to left ignored.


Thanks for your time.

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