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It appears @Jujiand @Hime have taken the weekend off again.  When things are in chaos as they have been since the servers launched, taking time off, especially the time when people who work during the week are playing, is the very poorest of customer service.  Please at least have one of you review the forums and respond to issues raised each day.  Let us know that someone is out there and someone cares.  It would likely take an hour or two, maybe twice a day.  Is that really too much to ask?

The daily update were very helpful, but, of course, there haven't been any over the weekend.  Please resume them on Monday.

 Also, it would be very helpful if you would provide straight answers to simple questions.  For example, many people on the forum have proposed that you either expand the capacity of the servers or open new servers until the demand crisis is resolved.  Please explain in simple, direct, non-technical terms why you have not done these things and whether you are going to do them if the long queues continue.  

Perhaps you don't think of yourselves this way, but you are in the customer service business.  Please serve your customers better.  

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