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Lineage 2 Classic - Localization through Monetization


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This is for my homedawgs... @Neutron



When considering a new project like Lineage 2 Classic there are alot of factors to analyze. Specifically in the MMO world, you need to consider your own current position in the market, your target demographic, and the product you are offering. These three key components come together to determine if and how you'll be able to reach your market. 

If we analyze these elements as individual components... 

Current Market Position: NCWest sits quite comfortably in the brand theming of "Truly Free." The idea is that a potential customer should be able to download their product and play it without paying anything. Lure in a customer with visually appealing AAA graphics and a well polished site and get them hooked on their products. This free-to-play product offering is supported by the necessity for passionate players to use NCCoins to buy stuff in the in game or web shop.

Product Offering: The product in question is Lineage 2 Classic. A variant of Lineage 2 that takes elements from both modern lineage 2 and old school lineage 2. It's notably different from current lineage 2 because of its grueling grind and lack of instances as a means for exp. This forces players to complete all grinding in open world areas. 

Target Market: The target market is clearly defined as western MMO gamers living in North and South America who have heard of (and preferably tried) Lineage 2, Lineage 2 Revolution or Lineage 2 Classic. Western gamers tend to be more averse to Pay 2 Win schemes (See EA's fiasco) as well as tend to lead a more busy lifestyle and allocate less time to gaming than their Asian and Russian peers. 


Factoring in these positions how do we reconcile...

1) NCWest's Truly Free brand with western gamers aversion to "Pay 2 Win" and convince them to give NCWest a try

2) The grueling grind in Lineage 2 Classic with the more busy lifestyle of the western gamer. 


The ideal answer comes in the form of a carefully curated Truly Free Classic server, offering cash shop items that may improve the quality of life of the buyer, but won't tip the scales of balance too greatly. 

Truly Free allows a player to jump in and create an account without any hurdles. However, by the mid 30s and early 40s, players will realize the immense grind required to advance in classic. Not only this, but players will also realize they don't have enough SP to learn all their skills. 

Truly Free Solution: Exp and SP Runes of varying intensity and duration should be offered in the cash shop. 


Western Players often lack a full group of players willing and able to play support. Requiring players to box support classes just to exp. 

Truly Free Solution:  Sell buff potions or agaithons that give mid level buffs in the cash shop. This would allow players to enjoy the game solo or in a small group without invalidating support classes


Western Gamers tend to be far more interested in cosmetic appearance. 

Truly Free Solution: Sell cosmetic agaithons, hats, and outfits in the cash shop. Have rare and ultra rare cosmetics be available only through some kind of "Lucky Wheel" 


NCWest Business Concern:  How can we make players who reach end game and consider themselves hardcore to continually use our cash shop? They won't have a need for exp and sp runes. 

Truly Free Solution: Sell a 7 Day, 30 Day premium account rune that operates as a subscription boss jewel that cancels out in PvP. +XX% resistance and success to debuffs attacks. +small amount of CP/HP/MP. This will ensure players who wish to be competitive still need to support NCWest through the purchase of this Rune. 

Selling cosmetic items, buff potions, and exp/so potions alone will enable NCWest to properly monetize a game while at the same time localizing it to cater more the the western gamer. 

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