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VPNs illegal?


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I occassionally use ZenMate VPN on google chrome to allow me to access rarbg.com (a torrent site, nothing to do with L2).  I just read that VPNs potentially cause your account to be locked "due to suspicious activity".  Would a Chrome extension fall into this category?  Is it possible that's causing some of the auto-bans.


I am UK based, the VPN routes through Germany.   I have been using the default location on ZenMate VPN, which is one of the most popular Chrome ones. I imagine loads of people are affiliated with that IP.  Could that have anything to do with it?

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I had problems to login on their website because some of mine extension triggered their security system and blocked the acess ( only on the pc )

But it ingame always worked fine as i have to use a proxy to be able to play smoothly

But a official answer always good! :D

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36 minutes ago, Trrance said:

Check this out :

We are investigating the affected accounts and will update everyone involved in their support tickets. Our stance on VPN/WTFast is that we don't support it, however we don't ban accounts based on sole VPN usage even if players who use them do so at their own risks.
Read more at https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/12200-psa-using-vpns-in-blade-soul-will-get-you-permanently-banned-by-ncsoft#W2102xlA2GVYHUUS.99
Using a VPN does not get you a ban. They do not support it, aka , don't ask them .. assistance , questions , etc.
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