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  1. That's the thing, they don't. Innova told before, they won't put p2w items in the shop like Korea. Even said on stream before putting the store up. The main point of the shop is to help everyone getting to 3rd class faster, as the shop is mostly for anyone under 76. Those are old servers, they need that. Unless you think that scrolls that cost 0.01 dollars are p2w, scrolls that are mostly unnecessary or replaced by ingame meanings. They also introduced brooches but unlike in Korea, those are not in the shop, only by ingame meanings. I know you think it's a matter of time but it's not. Loo
  2. So in other words you're basically clueless. That guy is right. Even me as a mage I got DC robe set on the way to 70. SoM was a bit harder to acquire but at 76 I had enough to craft Arcana Mace. Go play live servers. Full drop of gear is gone, nothing drops anymore. All instances are for quests and not drops. Spoil is dead, crafting almost dead except the crafting packs you get. The adena you get from mobs doesn't cover the shots so thanks to quests you can get some. But the adena you get is meaningless. You need many billions of adena. You get to level 100, where the game is starting, an
  3. I think it has to do with the fact that this is not a classic server but some lower percentage of it. People got dissatisfied with the current drop and spoil, the amount of real bots and not fake bots you chase on forums, with the shop, disconnects, random bans, altered content and so on. This kind of play style is the least of your problems for now.
  4. Just as slow as you with one character. A bit envy eh? Yeah I was playing mage in the past and I was healing a live party with SE in the same time. People now can't even press two buttons on one character. Shows the level of skill in this game.
  5. That only lasted quite a little time in the beginning because the updates that came turned around the whole game. I rerolled and I was having demon's set at like 48, and a homu, with no prior adena investment. At 5x I was having avadon set (not a great one) and valhalla. It was harder to get A grade when you reached the level but getting C-grade weapon when you hit 61+ means you did something wrong or you didn't know how to play back then, like most of us. Next year (2005) everyone could afford gear at their levels, except s-grade, and maybe the a-grade weapon at low 6x, but everything else wa
  6. People said the same thing on live servers and now you don't find people to party with. Enjoy this kind of dead game.
  7. This is an entirely different game. With the new updates in Korea they even removed the quests for 1st and 2nd class and the leveling is in a matter of minutes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du9btDLE8t8). With a week before Korea announced skills for level 86-90, therefore it's obvious that level 85 from old classic is no longer the cap.
  8. Tiat is a server like the live servers here. A different game altogether. However, if you want classic, L2C EU has 7 days free for newcomers and 2 euro for first month. You can test the game in 7 days and see if you like it.
  9. I wouldn't design it like that either but I don't think they have any anti-RMT system. Just scripts from NCSoft to search for adena exchange (trail) or something similar.
  10. Take your own advice? Usually they exchange useless items for big amount of adena, to make it look like a legit trade. For ncsoft it doesn't matter the item you exchange because all items are of no value to them but they care about the amount of adena exchanged. So if you buy or sell a bow, a spellbook or anything of great value, a big exchange of adena is also happening. They also use shops to make it like a legit trade. So you're no different for them.
  11. In this case anyone who bought items or sold items of great value to bots from giran and other towns are at risk. You don't know who are you dealing with because there isn't a bot/rmt sign over someone's head.
  12. A n Problem solved: +4 INT +4 WIT +4 CON What are fighters going to do with less STR that is quite needed?
  13. The problem that seems some don't understand is that Innova doesn't have 'custom' rates, it's the way the come from the developer. I've seen already that EU is closer if not the same as Korea when it comes to drops... than NA is right now. Probably because of a more closer patch or the game was intended like that in NA. For whatever reasons, besides the point here, the rates are clearly lower here and not only that but imbalanced between 1-40 and 40+. It's clear that it has been tampered with them. Now the problem as I said before is not really the lower rates, which a lot of players would be
  14. I think other publishers have also other methods of detecting bots. I've seen bots on Innova from time to time but as you mentioned already they disappear pretty fast. I also played another NCSoft game in EU but under Gameforge. For a few years I haven't seen bots there, or spammers, while here it was just as everyone knows it. They don't have a client side anti cheat software like this xincode (or past gameguard) but they mentioned they have a server side anti cheat software of their own. So I think it matters a lot that independent publishers have a bit more liberty while NCWest is just tied
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