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CP 40+ LF SWS + OL


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good luck with recruiting, but you need to notice too you broke your cp ally after you take 2 weapons d so you can help each others like your cp promise, and after a neph broke the cp.ppl need to know the history about cp reputations also. no offence .

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i dont say im worry about your cp, i say good luck also,and about to focus to mine, no need to focus on my cp.my cp make that from start it plans and continue with it.and the answer if i leave my cp believe me, i dont want to play with ppl who are not trusted and cant keep plans on only in 1 week on gameplay.

safe travels.

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2 minutes ago, Rattata said:

@kromachine You cant say we are not trusted coz you didnt play with us, i could say the same for you. I dont trust poeple who put an utlimatum to me and my cp for big amount of adena for his own benefits.
Best regards!

no you are not trust, and of course i can say that, because you broke a alliance plan after 1 week, who my cp and my clan give to your cp and your previus clan many adena to buy 2 d weapons, so can help after 1 week the other clan.ppl need to read and understand who say lies, or who say the true.  it is always my first priority to defend ppl from ppls like you , for examble you say you cant trust me also. dont forget i never give a reason to you.it is just a stupid panic answer. but i can say everything who i know about (not for you personaly, about your cp yes), but you are part of it also. play your game and dont try to comfuse ppl.isnt good. we are not kids the most in l2 and we are not playuing games for 1 year.most of us maybe like you have many years in games communitys. think clear, and answer clear. no need to be a troll. 

and like  i say at start.  good luck with the recruitng.no offence.x2

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