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Launch Packs issue status??


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Today will be a week from the moment (12.10) that option to buy Launch Packs stoped working.

I saw lots of posts about this problem but administration don's sees this a problem, they don't even pin this as a issue, even support don't give any helpful info.

From support i only recived ".. This is currently a known issue and the Development Team is currently working toward a possible fix. Since the Game Support Team is not part of the development of the game, we are unable to provide status updates on bug reports.."

So i asking @Hime, @Juji what is the current status of this issue, when will it be fixed, and what recompensation we will get for if problem will prolong even more?

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Based on support answer we should wait for official statment at forum or webpage that bug has ben fixed, but i check everyday and didn't see anything like that.

Over that, @Juji in one of topics answered me that the purchasable period will be extendet but i also didn't see any info about that so i presume that bug is still not fixed.

That's why i want hear oficial status info about this issue directly from the staff...

For me, i still can't buy launch pack and today is past week so the whole situations is already to much...

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