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Why are BOT not banned?


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What's the point in slowing down a bot? 

Pick this example, tonight (3 am), i (and others) reported a bot at cruma...he got the santion (santioned bots are marked in buff section) and keep exping no problem (bot healer behind him), just slowed down. 


This morning i logged again...and the bot is still on, same spot, same mobs, same bot healer. 


So...what's the point?

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When GoD launched initially, they added a 'Museum' feature, where at the end of each month in Giran they would put statues depicting the players that did something more prominently than anyone else on the server.

One of the nominations were "most time spent in combat mode this month".

It wasn't long until people visited the statues and found out that the nominees with names like "afk5min" were spending roughly 22 hours/day IN COMBAT (total hours divided by days in month). Remember, any downtime while you are not actively attacking/being attacked (like when you do buff rounds or go to town to sell drops) is not counted in!


Shortly after GoD, the museum system was removed from game. Bots/botmasters (yes, those were bots, not 3x8h CP shifts) were not banned.


There's absolutely no way NC will start banning rule violators now. Even though COMBAT time of 20+h/day for every day over an entire month AUTOMATICALLY GUARANTEES either botting or account sharing, both bannable offenses.

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