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Benefits of Sorc and Necro?


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Sorc is a lot better at dealing aoe damage.

Necro is more mana efficient at farming with cdl+btm, but you only get cdl on lvl 50, and if you can't farm with it for some reason(when your blaze starts to fail and you don't have cld yet, or you die too much due to being on very low hp to make CLD work well), using death spike instead, while very mana efficient, costs a lot of money due to the usage of cursed bones. You might want a necro in your aoe party for mass gloom though, but that's situational.



Sorc is better at bursting down 1 target with vortex lvl 2 + vortex buster, so in mass pvp, where your party can focus down targets 1 by 1, sorc can be better.

Necro has transfer pain as you said, and a lot of debuffs, so it's a lot better in 1v1. Silencing the enemy healer can singlehandedly win the fight.


Basically, they shine in different areas.

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The theory says that necro is better at pvp. BUT in a fresh server like this, sorc will be ahead in levels, adena, gear, everything, and that makes him better at pvp. Necro will struggle to xp solo without a normal nuke and aoe parties don't really prioritise necros.

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