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Roxide's Follower - Cant Find Monster but Can target


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Hey guys

titles says almost all, I went to Forgotten Temple to go find Roxide's Follower since I needed a few drops from it. I prepared my target macro and went to FT.

When I arrived, I was in the middle of the water side and I target it successfully. After searching and searching I wasn't able to find it...

Temple info: Forgotten Temple

Monster info: Roxide's Follower

Can someone explain me? 


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Hey, we had a few problems with the Roxide until we found out how it works. 

It can basically spawn all around in the Blue side area, and, if you can target it in the end, the it's probably hiding under the bridge. The bridge is mostly not farmed and therefore it's risky to go thru, but if you can clear the aggro mobs on the bridge, you can easily pass thru, 

You basically need to just jump down either to the right or left, depends on where your target is and swim under because there is another entrance there as well. (It's only if you don't find it in the rest of the blue group)

I mean yeah the map shows it like that, but don't take it for granted. 

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