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bots issue already ridiculous broken (?

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They dont even try to hide it anymore. You go to all the low lvl farming zones and its invaded with bots named "asdhg" "ohenq" and such farming non-stop.. One week ago someone said langk lizardman was full of mage elves bots, today i went to the spot and the same bots denounced are still in farming there.

You go to all the starting farming areas of the villages and they are all full of bots. I just saw a dwarfie bot named "asdfw" farming in the orc northern plateau with full top ng set...

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6 minutes ago, Devoid said:

Nope, bots are there to RMT. It's not 'a player' running hundreds of chars on each server, it's an industry with a clear business plan.

Seems fooly think that this thing you said, 100% accurately, don't benefits NCWest.

I don't know how people still don't see that the business plan of this company is pure Scam lol

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Sunday morning i was in western TI zone for complete my litte toon for fishing and in the area there was me + 4 bot (i try to target/hit same mob and bot change target, i try pm, nothing). I report at least 3 but i am not a policeman, then i hope GM follow the reporting...

Looking at name i can say 3 bot was for RMT but 1 surely a player afk

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