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Can you plx stop dumbing the game down


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Was a big mistake not having TP costs at lv1, so people didn't learn the value of travel and placement of their chars so they couldn't handle it when they had to start paying for TPs so your solution.... dumb it down even more and just take cost out? Honestly, there's 2 servers ^^ with low pop and no queue if u wanna play lin2 for special people.

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Dumb down really hurts a lot of players. You get free ss/sps, weapons, armor, jewels, potions, buff scrolls, loads of xp and TP is free. When these things run out or stops getting handed to the players you all of a sudden hit a brick wall and complain about it. Now because some never learned the essence of the game, buying adena becomes an option at this point which further supports the bots and it's never a good thing when that happens.

These adena sellers only exist because they're making real money profit from player.

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Correct, these farmers and bots people are complaining about exist because *shocker* people are using real money to buy adena. If there was no market and it didn't exist then they wouldn't sell anything. The boost in adena is needed because at 40+ many are hitting a wall with no recourse. The only recourse now is to make an alt or 2 or 3 alts and farm on them. That's not how the game should be played. You shouldn't have to make 2 or 3 alts to sustain adena. 

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5 hours ago, PyroAmos said:

Was a big mistake not having TP costs at lv1

Yes, this was a critical mistake which lead to people believing such ridiculous things like "play the market while low leveled". Sure, DEs/Elves have somewhat convenient access to Gludio (and, in turn, Dion, but far less convenient with Giran), but everyone else (Humans, Dwarves, Orcs) have to be locked down to their starter villages where they cannot buy cheap and then sell elsewhere for profit, because tp costs destroy any chance of profit, or even any chance to scout market rates for mats.

Indeed, if this was proper Lineage II, you would not hit a wall at level 40, because you would have gotten used to playing strategically and not wasting adena left and right (what free teleports do encourage).

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