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XP Spot 100+


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I'm a 100 wind rider (dual class), gear:

  • +12 Bloody Dual dagger (fire, mp fire)
  • +3 twilight set (working on this XD)
  • Ruby 4, Opal 4, Diamond 3, Vit 4
  • Longing, Abundance 1, Anakim, Venir 10
  • AQ soul, creation ring, frint soul, special earring (stun), special earring (mental attack)

I can do upper GC no problem, should I just stay there? Until I can tank phantasmal ridge or lower GC?

What should I work on in terms of gear?

My main is a 101 Eva's Templar... if that's relevant at all.

A separate question... I really only want my dual as something I can play solo when there's nothing else to do, dagger seems like the best choice out there, even though the armour sharing part is an issue.

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