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Adena/spoil announcement


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Hello all,

In the past couple of weeks we’ve received lots of your feedback on the rate that Adena is acquired at level 40+. After researching, we concluded the Adena scaling at these levels should indeed be higher.  

As we continue to make adjustments, a free teleport event will start as of today and continue until November 14. During this event period, you can speak to any Gatekeeper NPC and teleport to your desired location without spending Adena.

Once we confirm the improved Adena scaling changes, we will provide additional details in another announcement later this week.

Thank you!


Are we still planning for an update on this?


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theyre trying to buy some time :P next annoucement will be like this:


"while we are still investigating the adena/drop/spoil issue, we decided to prolong the free teleport event! ENJOY!

now we are going to focus on the really important issue, mobs at lvl 70+ give 1 point of experience less than they are supposed to (they give 999 instead of 1000"

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