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feoh sts aoe encht. tip and a noob question aswell


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hi everyone ,

pls advice on help for feo sts aoe skills and single skill to encht- is mainly for pve (since my stats m.critical with gears Jewels and dyes is at 454)

-aoe skills updraft destruction and elemental storm - elemental burts== skill power or skil criticale rate ??? and why

-single ksill elemental spike and elemental crash === skill power or skil critcal rate ?? and why

 thks for al feo's (sts) out there to help me with this advice -------BTW WHY DO THE WYNSS HIT SO HARD TO MOBS ?? al the wyns that i across from lvl 85 to lvl 99 they hit so hard to mobs that they die in just couple hit , while i need like 20 hits (and there lvl isnt that high compred to mobs) (how?) because they have ubber gears Jewels etc... ??( sorry for this noob questions)

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All your attack skills should go to Skill Power for the simple fact that your skill critical rate should already be maxed out at 333 mcrit rate or above. That mean you will critical attack roughly 1 in 3 attacks, which is max for feoh, unless you are rocking a dragon weapon stage 1 or higher. Wynn are very powerful from 85 to 99, but after 99 they start to not be as strong without an insane amount of gear. Wynn gear does not scale well at all, we're ours does very well actually. 

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