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Hello @Juji @Hime

Could you please allow already transfers between servers? I would gladly move from Giran to Gludio even tho Timezone is so messed up.... Right now VIP queue is really becoming a problem, as well with servers lag issues just because of overloaded server. So Transfer would help a bit with that i guess...

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4000 ncoins, they should enable 15000 players online, most of giran and talking island players are bots, if you migrate your character to another server and everyone does the same, you will be soon in the same situation


tell to the GMs to ban bots and you will free 3000 slots of giran server or talking island


as another guy said in the forum, second life game is played by 25000 to 400000 users in a day, and a game as l2 cant handle more than 6500? remember was less and they increased it 1500 and nothing changed about lag, they can increase it more

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