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Prophet + DC


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My Pom Iss its 101 and DC 99
What skill setup would be perfect for both? on ap and on dual and revelation skill

What i have right now
Dc:lv3 HP + Attribute lv1 Pdef lv2 Heavy + Light lv4 HP on Heavy
Prophet same + CD

Dual Skills
Lv1 Condition + Defense + CD

Revelation skill
Undying Will + Disparition

But i feel Dual Skill its not good, and thinking to change to Light of Protection + CD
So what is the best for my Box Iss.

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Hey kiss, 

I played my Iss Hierophant up until 103 and as far as I could recommend you is this: 

I played with +8 Light armor set cuz of the -10% cdr

Frintezza is needed as well, since -10% cdr as well there. 

Focus on maximizing your HP and pdef to a maximum. Since it's a box, try to get as much HP as possible for survivability since you're not going to be doing anything much. 

I did just fine with my setup up until 103, and now light gear is useless in these 103 instances. 

I had a basic R gr 1h weapon with 25% HP and 12/13 Hp/Mp setup as the cheap way out, I maxed around 100k hp with rose with that build. 

Never went the cdr dual class skill since it seemed useless in comparison to what I already had, which gave me the ability to cast POM even when it had 40 seconds remaining on the player and my CD already was down. 

Just try maximizing those stuff and you should be fine. 

Don't forget the golden rule, Wiz before BR/PoM with Hierophant. Gl Hf

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