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Xincode its a trash.


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Hey i play allready ingame lvl 36 elemental mystic. i create just now new char in other acc for up one pp but i cant login when im in character select and start freeze on the "loading" screen and say about xincode detected and close the window any reason?. do something with this xincode cuz i have allready 1 fcking ban on 30lvl character orc mystic and as you said its for 3rd party program but i dont have use any fcking 3rd party program and you didnt give me proofs and i dont want to get ban the others 2 the summoner +this pp without any other reason cuz i have give money until now for 2vip (1ban). @Juji @Hime do something for your community think different if you show us you try to solve problem with autobans maybe you will get more money than now. allready 3 ppl from my clan has ban without a reason the last 4days 3ban just solve your "antibot" problem with auto bans without anyreason about paypals in game everywhere we scary to add ncoin for not take ban or we scare to do anything cuz of this

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