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3rd Program


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Hi all,

is it me or my imagination that something is going on w/3rd prgm?

I do not accuse any1 or any clan!

Is not up 2 me to point fingers, but GMs' job.

like to check it? up2u!

PS: when i say 3rd pgm i do not mean macros, nostromos etc, i mean "ZRanger" style...



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Yes, the Summoner bots have made it back to the Fairy Settlement. But sooner or later they will realize that while the amount of adena a given monster drops has remained the same, the probability for said monster to drop any adena in the first place has been cut in half. Add to that the fact that, even though new quests have been added, the amount of adena you can get per day from the old quests has been quartered, i.e. we have, taken together, half the income from quest rewards. So the overall amount of adena that can be farmed is heavily reduced when compared to the pre-Salvation state of affairs.

Since 3rd party software costs a subscription fee, there is good hope that the revenue a botter can generate is now below his cost and botting has become a net loss activity :)

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