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Path of Awakening Level 80 Goal


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Hi there,

want to ask whats up with the lvl 80 path of awakening reward, get my toon to lvl 80 yesterday after just one day ;) and i dont get a reward, the path of awakening website says there is a s80 armor/jewelry and weapon set for 90 days. also the path of awakening site has an error..i cant log in to select my toon for more information thats why im asking here. chat also dont work befor reaching 84 or 85...


thnx folks

greetings matze

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ok this is the Answer from a GM via Support Ticket :



GM M**** Today at 00:42


Unfortunately, the Path of Awakening has been discontinued and the rewards are no longer available to be claimed. The feature has been removed. Thus, we are unable to grant the items. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and appreciate your patience and support.

If you have other question, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


GM M****
NCSOFT Support Team



Nice One ... so its impossible to progress ?

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U simply use ur s grade gears to lvl till 85, when u awaken u will get 30 days top r grade gears and mentee diploma(if u have mentor) that can be traded to lower r grade gears. At lvl 81 u get quests in dragon valey to continue your path of awakening chain. 


P.s. if y dont have a mentor, I suggest you to find one. 

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^ This

A permanent Dynasty Armor/Jewelry and Weapon Set is now given out as a quest reward with the 3rd class change at lvl 76. That comes slightly elemented and is rather good. If you have already done your 3rd class change quest, you have no way of getting that any more though. Upon Awakening you will get R-Grade Twilight/Apocalpse equipment which will evaporate after 30 days, and then you stand there in your underwear (you can often observe this with bots). I would strongly recommend to simply start a new character. At present we have a 50% exp bonus, so you don't have to do that much grinding in between the quests.


@ any NCsoft staff reading this:
As you may have noticed, quite a few new players are lured in, apparently via Lineage 2 Revolution. Even though most of them give up again after a few days (mouse over the round "avatar" of the hopeful newbies and check their "Last visited" date), it would be really good if you removed the Path to Awakening from the website. It is of limited help (people get in-game notifications about new quests anyway) and causes confusion again and again. Designing a new event page does admittedly cost money, but simply removing a link should only take a minute or two. What with L2@NCWest generating 2 million dollars per month, you should be able to afford that.

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The Paulina Dynasty Set is permanent. You can verify this by clicking on the item. If it is time-limited, it says on the tooltip description "Time left: 5 Day(s)" or whatever.

By switching the search field on top of this page to "All Content" and entering "adena" you will find various answers to your question. When browsing them, keep in mind that there is a difference between gross revenue and net profit (e.g. in order to powderize a Brooch Jewel you must invest into a Jewel Grinder first). Bluntly put, as a new player you have no chance in hell to ever make enough adena for self-bought equipment before the game gets shut down. What you can do is wander around the landscape and see the sights in Dynasty gear which protects you against random attacks at least until you have clicked a Blessed Scroll of Escape :)

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