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Proof of blood info please


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Krator on Cruma 1 (the translation is bad at the teleporter NPC and says level 3) with very low chance. maybe 1-2 percent or so.

Torfe on Cruma 2 with a bit better chance. Maybe like 5-10 percernt or so.

Blood Queen in Dragon Valley. This is supposed to have the best chance by far, but haven't farmed those yet, so can't say tell you anything more accurate than that.

Only those 3 mobs drop it in our current patch.

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1 hour ago, Hitogoroshi said:

lmao, it is 3th floor. go study some info about game.

It might be according to the lore, don't really know and don't really care as it is an utterly irrelevant detail, but it is inconsitent with the game itself. When you teleport to the "3rd floor" a huge text about arriving on the 1st floor pops in your face, so the translation is indeed bad in one place or another.

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