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Reroll Advice; Synergy


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Warcryer 48 All Buffs

I'm dropping Tyrant as my main DD and focusing on my WC mostly. However, I'm looking into the idea of making a Spoiler, Necromancer or Sorc. Why? Aoe for the Clan I'm in most of those would benefit in some format. Myself personally, am considering Destroyer or Warlord as well.

Debating heavily the value of each class as the game has shifted so much in the last decade that it's hard for me to remember the finer points in general. Necromancer is expensive, the payout is strong PvP oriented Nuker with pets. I appreciate the class and would be able to manage getting it to where CDL is my main nuke no problem.

The biggest questions in my mind is whether or not Spoiler will pay off for my community as a whole. We had some, but they dropped off their dwarfs in favor of main DD. Whether or not Destroyer or Warlord will be enjoyable at Lv. 50+ with a boxed WC. Or should I roll SE/Nuker and keep my WC as my main focus while farming on my Nuker on the side?

I'm a thinker and a committer, it's only at this point in time have I backed off experience to try and diversify what I have available. My Tyrant worked to get the Shaman up. I'm trying to also keep myself occupied as my Clan is going through a re-roll phase that has heavily affected my WC getting into parties.

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