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Dealing with BOTs


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1 hour ago, Paradiz said:

Hi all,

Its just an idea, but instead of just  banning accounts of BOTs why not ban them by MAC address of the network card?

Even if you change the IP address , MAC will still be the same.


What do you all think?

dude, mac address is more easy to change than change an IP, are you serius? dont talk with ignorance, bye.

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for example google detects DEVICE NUMBER


this means, if you troll though TOR WEB, and you think you are anonymous, they wil detect soon your original IP thourgh the ID

this the main reason of why no one could be anonymous on internet, even in 4chan or whatever they want, remember the guy of kikastorrent was caughted


but of course, lineage 2 cant do the same detection of google, because is illegal, and technically, what google does, detecting devices, too, is illlegal, as many apps in google play store that tracks the people " are the new trojans, the new foto.zip of the messenger " but in playstore, through applications that people demands, rofl


then, is hard to detect legally who is, or who was botting


if you ban an IP, is hard too, because when the banned change probabbly an innocent got the old ip, and omg, he plays the same game, and wondering " heeeeeeeey why i got ban? " there you have why many people legit ask, why i cant log in? why am i banned?

this usually happens in public web sites chats, where moderators random ban people of chats, and in some months, some people cant just log in, and they have to blank all the ip ban list


as you see, a IP is a shit

thats the reason of why moderators dont ban of IP, and ban thorugh the EMAIL NAME ACCOUNT,.

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