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Sitting increased regen? Also playing supports - viable?


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Hey guys,

I used to play back then around 2004 and I just went back to Lineage 2 classic, nostalgia etc... you know it, haha. I'd like to think I know some stuff about L2 but it has been so long. I'd like to ask two questions:

Does sitting increases your HP and MP regen? Just so I know if it's not some sort of myth from back then.

Is playing support as main character viable? I would like to play Shillien Elder but I usually see other players playing DD char and having another character follow them for buffs/heals. So are support players needed or is everything like "play DD and bring your own buffer/healer"?

Much appreciated for any answers. o/


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For the most part for leveling, it seems to be more efficient to get your buffs from a dual box or a friends and wreck stuff as fast as you can. 

Late game PVP scenarios this dynamic changes a bit, but more so for a healing class like bishop or something. At the end of the day, the "buffers" really have done all they need to once they have cast their buffs :P


Other people may have different opinions, of course. If you're truly set on a "support" type character -- look more into the active healing classes. Yes, buffers have heals...but not like the HEAL classes. 


Hope that makes sense. If not, sorry. Good Luck!

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@ogfullmelt Nah I played on official (still got my retail box of the game! hah) but you know, back then, me being 13year or so old, playing L2 as my first MMO and somebody told me that sitting increases my regen. Ofcourse I just blindly trusted them, but was curious nowadays if it's actually true.

Thanks for all those answers, will keep them at mind. :)

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