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Song of Invocation / Song of Water


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Song of Invocation on Level 1 is shown as "Increases Defence against Dark Attack" While Level 2 is the patched Version which reduces P/M Critical attacks from the enemie. Which one is the correct effect?

Song of Water is shown as "giving Evasion" while the Patched Version should add MP Reg.


Is this just a clientbug ?

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Song of invocation = P/M critical -5% ou resist dark Attack ?

Skill 270 1.jpg Song of Invocation 1 buff 66 0 140000 0 - All party members' chance to be hit by P. Critical Atk./ M. Critical Atk. - 5% for 5 min. MP Consumption is additionally increased if the skill is used while song/ dance effect is in place.

At the moment, our songs on gludio NA server gives dark resist :/



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