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2nd Event LMS Winners. Details About Next Event.


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So the second event just ended ~~~Event~~~ . We expected more people to make LMS buy only 3 guys showed up so we made 1x1 :)

The event was fun lasted more than 40mins. at Gludin arena :)


Siedun 1st Place. Prize - 400k and 50 EMP stews.

TuttiFrutti 2nd Place. Prize - 200k and 25 EMP stews.

SendLewds 3rd Place. Prize - 100k and 10 ENP stews.


Events playout:

SendLewds lost the fight against both players but took handsome reward for participation.

Siedun and TuttiFrutti went on to the finnals to best out of 5 rounds. Siedun won the first 2 rounds, however TuttiFrutti won the next 2 round making a tremendous comeback and making the event more intense. The 5th battle was taken by Siedun making him the Champion of the event.


Original prizes for event was set to 300k 1st place and 100k for 2nd, but since these participants were only ones to wait for the event and active on Discord, i raised the rewards and rewarded 3rd place aswell.


Info about the upcoming event:

Next event is planned on wednesday around 22:30 PM +1UTC @ Giran server. More detail will be posted tomorrow around noon at forum in a new thread.

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