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2nd Event: LMS 500k Reward. Sunday. Giran Server


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So as my previous event ~~~Fridays event here~~~ was kinda of a success ( only 2 ppl showed up and we had to do 1x1 :D ) i would hope this would encourage more people to join upcoming event tomorrow on Sunday.

Event time:

Sunday 22:30 PM +1UTC @ Gludin arena, Giran server


1. LMS style tournament max 16 players.

2. Level limit from 40 to 49.

3. No buffs allowed only potions from the grocery shop. So no stews aswell.

4. Players cooping together like healing each other and debuffing others in a team to split the winning, will be disqualified.

5. Reward will be 500k for the winner and 200k for second place. How ever if we cant gather more than 6 people rewards will be 300k for 1st place and 100k for 2nd.

How To Join:

1. Read the rules above

2. Join discord at https://discord.gg/jdr75Ub


I hope to see more players this time :)

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@Juji @Hime guys what do you think about these events? with your help we could definetelly make a bigger LMS event, woyld apreaciate to sticky this thread.

now on forum all you hear is this is bad that is bad those are worse.... bla bla bla. this community starts become an army of boring repetetive players who only complain, and event posts like this gets no reviews. Trying to bring some fresh action to server, but people are too busy complaining all the time :D

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