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Lag Spikes


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After last unscheduled maintenance on thursday I've started experimenting some serious lag issue. Lag spikes every now and then (could be every 2 minutes but sometimes i dont get them in 20 minutes or so) where the game is unresponsive (graphics continue to update, animations ok, fps ok, so its like a network problem). I've never had this problem before the last restart on thursday and i play from oct 3. Im also VIP 3 on both my accounts. I got a very powerful computer and a good internet connection.

The problem is making the game pretty hard to play, since in those freezes you cant do anything but the game world continues to progress, mobs continue to hit you, etc.

I've spoken with many people in game who are suffering from the same issue and they all started having the problem after last maintenance. Nonetheless this problem is not affecting everyone.

Please Hime if you could let some know about this so they can check it out i would appreciate it. 

Also I encourage people having this problem to post here.

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