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Exist some other reward or quest to lvl 55+? or should i stay 45-46 forever? (joke)


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For this guy who are lvl 45 -46, all now that we should stay in this lvl for a while until get some equip, adena and exp . But what happens next?

Exist another reward on lvl 55+? or something that make me change this 2 box of abyss dungeon, for something better? 

i was looking l2wiki, and the only quest i can find interesting is something of a card? but the reward is only 1 box .

Some high lvl can comment about this? , i know the comunity is agressive and selfish, but you can find a great cool guys who try to help and are a contribution to the game. If you are one of these heroes, please do not hesitate to tell your experience of what happens at higher levels

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