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Hi, @Juji and @Hime. I know you are extremely busy people, however, I have an issue that demotivates me every month.

General problem: People can play on the daily basis but cannot access their accounts through the website. I do understand that you might not have enough people in support so most of the people recieve the automatic reply from the support. However, my  situation is different. I do live in the UK and I am the legitimate player. I pay for 6 accounts on the monthly basis. Recently, my website access was blocked and I simply have to start again if I want to keep playing. Can you please step in for a moment and give me your opinion if I should play the game and not worry about being blocked from the website without knowing or should I completely give up and stop using the service. Paying £240 monthly is okay for me, however, it is all about being safe to access the game...

Many thanks in advance!

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