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Hey guys

Anyone else having issues with Blessed Spiritshots D replacing Spiritshots D without being selected?

It's a bug or something?

This is what happens, I have SPSD and BSPSD in my backpack, I select SPSD for PvE but BSPSD keep jumping in without being selected and replacing my selected SPSD, I  have to be extremely aware because I have ran out of BSPSD a lot of times cause I can not notice when it switches.

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14 hours ago, Saffi said:

Just a suggestion but does it still automate if you drag them on a bar and right click them ? (I'm sure it does) and not have anything in the SS and BSS slots. If so then that could be a way to stop this from happening.

In may experience, you cannot right-click them on the shortcut bar, and you don't drag them to soulshot/spiritshot slots. Still, I have only seen my selected spiritshots switching to blessed on their own once after I obtained blessed for the first time (I normally use non-blessed while farming on a nuker).

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