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"Attack shortcut button"


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This keeps happening... ¬¬

After killing a mob, I click on the next mob I want to kill, and then I press the "F1 key" (on the keyboard) that has the "attack" action button (the blue-one with the sword) and instead of attacking the *bleeping monster, it targets back the one I HAVE JUST KILLED.

This is a REALLY OLD bug, I just can't believe it has not been fixed yet. Am I doing something wrong here? There's a reason for this to be happening that I'm not aware of? o.O

Keep the patches coming, Classic F2P needs more love :x

PS: Might wanna move the thread to the "report a bug" section.

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The way to bypass this target jumping (aside from waiting a few seconds after targeting or starting off with a skill) is to use /nexttarget (as a shortcut).

Target + /attack = jump back to old target

/nexttarget + /attack = attack next target

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