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Sin Eater Quest rollback

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FatHips    237



A few weeks ago the Crumbs of Penitence quest requirements ((1-90) from the Dark Judge in Hardins Academy) were changed from 30 Gemstones-B to 5 Gemstones-B as mentioned in the weekly maintenance patch notes as posted by @Hime

This change functioned as intended at the time.


Now, the quest still says it requires 5 B-grade Gemstones, but when you accept the quest, it requires 30 B-grade Gemstones (like it use to) and removes them from your inventory, see the screenshot, which was taken on 12/09/2018 (tonight).

This is obviously a bug and someone owes me 25 Gemstones-B :D

Thank you for acknowledgement and eventual fix or at least information.

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